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The story of interior designer Adeodaat Eric Rozema

To creatively bring something special that others believe in, you have to love the

profession and love for creativity.


Because of the love for creativity, there is always the need to create

beautiful designs without immediately doing anything with them. But that changed

in 2015. In that year my mother (Rika Oliwira) died. To keep the memory of

her alive, a beautiful coffee table has been designed that bears her name: Oliwira.


I wanted to design something beautiful that my mother would have been proud of.
The basis of the design was an "A" of my own name. In this way we always stay

connected. But it did not stop with one model. Shortly thereafter, it was decided to

design a serious collection of tables in which the A-shape is recognizable in a number

of ways in a timeless form. That was the start of the ACOLLECTION.


Because the designs are so close to me, the ACOLLECTION is named after my mother

Oliwira, my children Kim, Jazz, Brad and my girlfriend Marcia.

With the death of my brother in the spring of 2019, a unique bar stool has been designed

in the same shape and appearance that bears the name Renzo. In addition to the design of a contemporary desk with the name Adeo, a dining room chair will also be designed to honor my late father, who was a furniture maker himself in the 60s.

That will be the Cornelis. He closes the ACOLLECTION through which an emotional common thread runs through.


A special collection with 100% commitment to the family that I hold dear. The side table now has Jazz and the dining table Kim

from the collection, together won an international Design Award. And I'm very proud of that.


So be surprised by my love of creativity and this beautiful ACOLLECTION.

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